How it all started

It was 1993, and I was preparing to open a desktop publishing business. I decided that it would be a good idea to talk to someone about designing a web page. I knew that it would provide potential customers with an easy way to get additional information about the products and services that I offered.

I still remember the sticker shock that I experienced, when I found out how much my simple site was going to cost to build! But at the same time, I was curious…

I began to wonder how hard it would be to learn to make my own website. I began researching, and to my surprise, I discovered that websites could be written with a simple text editor and knowledge of a new language called HTML.

Over the years I have seen the web evolve into what it is today. A media rich environment that is not only highly interactive, but visually engaging. Today’s web is a much more complex system where, while you could still write web pages with a text editor, the time it would take to do so would be prohibitive.

My experiences had two lasting effects that I believe will be of benefit to you and your organization.

1) I realized that small businesses, who need a good website the most, are on tight budgets. And while they NEED a website, they often find themselves challenged to commit the required financial resources to have one built.

2) As someone who experienced the evolution of today’s modern web, I understand ‘what lies underneath’, and that level of understanding has allowed me an insight into building websites, that others might not have.

This brings me to you…Why should you work with me on your website?

It boils down to one simple concept. I understand that your website needs to grow with your business. I understand that some things that you can do with your website will return the greatest gains at the lowest cost. And I will help you in making those decisions to ensure that your website GROWS your business!

I no longer design websites in a text editor, but I have a suite of tools available that I have purchased over time, at a significant expense, that will allow me to build an effective site for your organization or business.

Back in 1993, you could write an entire website in a simple text editor, but things have changed a lot since then!

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What about all of those online website building tools?

For those who have spent much time on the Internet looking at options for hosting an online presence, you may have noticed an abundance of services that offer the ability to quickly and easily build a website by selecting from a library of templates. You simply pay a monthly fee for hosting your site, and you gain access to a suite on online tools for building your website, and even fancy online storefront tools.

Often, they draw people in with the promise of affordable business services, and entice you with slick looking screenshots of what is possible. And there is no doubt, that small businesses utilize these tools to get on the web quickly, with very little up front cost. Perhaps you are even considering this option for your website?

So, why not do that? It looks inexpensive, the demo sites look professional, and there is very little risk to getting started....Right?

I took at look at one such offer from GoDaddy, and it looks like you can get going for as little as $90 - $100 for the first year, and then somewhere between $24 - $30 per month after that, depending on which options you choose. Other hosting providers offer similar options and prices.

It would seem that there have never been more options for those looking to start a website for their business.

Of course, you will need to spend time selecting and customizing the template, adding images, text, and etc., before the site is up and fully operational. And don’t forget all of the tweaking that generally needs to be done before everything looks just right!

But what is missing? Why is it so much less expensive that having a website designed by a professional?

It would seem that there have never been more options for those looking to start a website…

Let me ask you a few questions...

  • Have you ever been on a website that loads so slowly, that you give up and just go somewhere else?
  • Have you ever been annoyed by ads that seem to follow you around as you navigate the web?
  • Have you ever tried to open a website on your smartphone, only to give up because it either did not work, was unreadable, or so slow on a cellular connection that you decided to go another way?

The truth is, that there is a lot more to building a website than layout, pictures and text.
You have to optimize images to reduce page load times, you need to implement a layout that is flexible enough to work on a variety of devices, from a computer with at 19 inch monitor, to a 4 inch smartphone screen. You also have to integrate external components, like social media, without comprising user security and privacy, all while maintaining the flexibility to move your site to alternate servers or providers, to allow for growth, and/or take advantage of the higher performance options.

If all of this is making your head spin, it is not meant to…I am simply trying to point out that, many very smart business owners fail to consider the true cost, and effort behind any web deployment.
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